PPC Services

Not one size fits all…

However, we offer the best PPC service for your brand's target audience considering the perfect channel.


Social Media Advertising

With the rate of digital exposure, every brand must pitch a tent on various social media platforms. When it comes to paid ads, social media transcends all other platforms ranging from its wide reach of the elite, middle class and low-class audience, creative tools, and impressionable mark with either a large or meagre budget.


Search Engine Marketing

There are 7.674 billion people currently in the world and among this number, Google generates over 3.5 billion searches daily. A brand’s presence on Google is paramount. With several pages resulting from a single search on Google, we optimize the best keywords that without any hassle get your brand on the first page of search results. Our ads are content-rich, visually appealing, action triggering and most importantly, bullseyes oriented, making your audience see you!


YouTube Advertising

Want your brand to drive home its message via visually cogitating approaches? YouTube is your go-to! We’re experts at creating upper-class visual ads in versatile formats to reach more audiences for your brand on YouTube.


Google Advertising

We deploy various strategies that enable your audience to purchase your product/service without stress. This is done through the following; optimizing your brand's ad, strategic and direct placement of brand’s ads on specialist sites, and partnering with programmatic partners to device exceptional ad targeting schemes.

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Setting Up Your Campaign

We invest ample time in grouping a brand's audience into demographics, allocate budget, ready creative visuals and strategize ads dispatch. Prior and after the campaign launch, ads also undergo various testing and optimization.

Measurement + Reporting

Working for a brand especially for the first time could come with a few bounces, however, this in most cases is not bad for business but instead paves way for clearer vision.
Ads performance reports are compiled both weekly and monthly, and in cases where an ad performs below average, we identify root causes and fix the issue immediately by switching strategy or allocating more budget to impressive performing channels.