Elkanah Schools is a Christian school in the Mainland area of Lagos. 

Elkanah schools is a co-educational, multicultural, non-denominational Christian school open to all religious backgrounds that inevitably makes it a family-oriented school.

It is an independent private school, characterized by homely buildings, caring, and creative staff. We provide a wide, stimulating, and secure environment to meet the unique needs of every child.

Project Name
Elkanah Schools
Elkanah Schools
Our Role
Website Development

The work process

The website project for Elkanah Schools was a fun and easy one.

This is because we kinda have a good experience with the education websites.

We started off by having a meeting to understand all the needs of the organization so we can determine the necessary functionalities to add to the website.

Then we proceed to gather all the information about the school as those are what will determine the needed pages. As soon as these were settled, we were able to get the right structure and the ideal template for the job.

The project duration was 3 weeks and in the end, we were able to get the best we can.

We went further to install useful resources such as online school functions and WooCommerce for the purpose of product sales such as school uniforms, textbooks and more.

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