ABBP is an annual beauty pageant show which showcases the positive attribute of African women and exposes our rich cultural heritage to the world. The pageantry awards continental Crown to the winner and other runner ups while creating an opportunity for them to drive their visions, goals, and stand out amongst others positively.
The winner portrays exemplary quality and serves as a leader in her capacity worthy for the younger women in the continent to emulate as their role model

The African Beauty and Brain Pageantry have been running since 2016 and needed to take operations online to reach more audiences. Luckily, they met us (DCV Digital). There are lots of pageantry contests and platforms in Nigeria and beyond, but only a few of them have their online platform. 
This is because creating a pageantry platform can come with a lot of challenges…

Project Name
African Beauty and Brain Pageantry
De Noble Isaac LTD
Our Role
Website Development

How We Work

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Optimization Statistics

The African Beauty and Brain Pageantry website has the functionality to cast vote and also pay to vote for the contestant of choice.

In addition, profile pages were created for each contestants of the pageantry.